Surreal Shoes

Happy Friday before Christmas to everyone, 

I hope it wasn’t to hard for that I didn’t blog so much this week, but I was a bit too much stressed. It was the last week before Christmas and the Year 2014, so I had pretty much things to do, help, think and also decide. But I don’t think that I now! know everything what I do in my future. I have dreams like everyone else but tell me who knows, exactly, what’s in their future? So in my opinion, we should stop thinking what, who, where, why will be in future and just our lifes. It’s good to think about stuff, but not under pressure and when you are young. 
So about that. I don’t want to annoy you with more personal problems.

 Let’s hope for snow and crazy High Heels! 

Yeah, you hear right, well, just about the shoes. That’s the reason why I writing today. Like always, you probably know where I found it. 🙂 Better so. („so“ is my favorite word :P) 
Oh fabulous, oh Favbulous, what I will do without you ?

Designer: Sebastian Errazuriz from New York

and here a coming some examples:

Jet Setter

Ice Queen


Hot Bitch

Cry Baby

The Rock


For more watch here:

Website of the designer:

Blog for this project:

So have a great friday! See you & Enjoy


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