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Salut! 🙂
I almost find every day a good website which helps me to understand the stuff I need to know to become a good web designer. 
So today, I found one again. I know that it is going to be a bored on time if I just make a post about a website. But they all are in my interest and inspires me so much that I think i should share them with you. So that’s my excuse for blogging every single cool website. Probably, I should start explaining why I came to there and how it helps me today.
So let’s start. This morning I was looking for a HTML or CSS code for getting a smooth transition for my website and the one I make in my internship at the agency. They should become an „One pager“, you hopefully know about the „Single Page Design“ which is totally In at the moment. Examples for this design are showed on, very great examples.
Finally, I found one on It’s the one with the :hover effects.
Finally finally, Enjoy it and watch through. Maybe you also will find something you need to know. 
See you soooon 🙂


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