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Bonjour everybody,

sometimes you have got the feeling, it doesn’t go like you want or in my case it doesn’t look like I want. I was unhappy with the design of my blog for a long time, well since I started it in September. And so I always tried to make it look like it’s me. I had a style, the dynamic one, but it was annoying that it always doesn’t show my edited version and all the widgets I added. Additionally, I earned for that style not so many compliments, well everyone hate doesn’t like it. So my blog needs a change. It was I think in the end of October, I don’t know, I probably wrote it, but it hasn’t its own post. o.O Whatever, my blog get’s midnight blue and red pink, with white maple leafs and a bit shiny-ness. Hmmm, I think that was my problem with it.
Other Blogger have such clean, neatly, best fit and amazing sites and templates. I wanted them to so I did my research for a new style.
My expectations:

  • neatly
  • clean
  • fits to me:
    • I am a dreamer (makes me dream)
    • I am a chaosthropiy
    • I am a thinker
  • shouldn’t hurt the readers eyes
  • quiet, calmed down, relaxed

Something like this. So I looked for templates at Blogger Templates and found many I like but not always fit into the profile and so I had to keep looking. Finally, I found 2 templates:

The winner was Casual Affair.
Those Templates are all free but I made the experience that not all of them are customziable with the normal way, so I edited the HTML code. Styles you will find in the <head>-Tag under <b:skin>…</b:skin>. Click on the „…“ and you will see the style.

Enjoy, Kathiiy

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