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Hey Guys, 

it’s me. I really loved the dynamic style of my blog, but I wished that it shows all the widgets I added. But it doesn’t show them all. So I experimented with a new Blog (My Crazy Testing World), how I can change the HTML-Code so that it looks greater than before. What happend was: I delete the whole blog code and put in a self-written one, it was grey, shitty and I had no idea to get it work, like this blog.
So I try to use some templates and find the one with the birds, more the one with the maple leafs interesting. So I took it, added some widgets and see there it looks great. Well,  for my real blog I need to style it a bit better. And so I did it.
The result is what you see around this post.
I choose the template with the maple leafs because it is a little memory of my year in Canada. So it is a bit like me.
I hope you like it.

Before I forget it, I got a little success. As I search „Lückenfülltext“, I get this as result (I did well in labeling and naming my stuff for searching machines): 😀

Have a great day & Enjoy it
Your Kathiiy

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