My Favorites of Hollywood Undead

Hey Guys,

today I want to share with you my favorite songs of Hollywood Undead sorted by their albums. The first time I listened to their music was during my year in Canada. A colleague had the video of their song „Everywhere I go“ on in class. I immediatly liked, so from then I saw myself listening to their music almost everyday.
I could have made a top 10 but I think I love more than 10 songs because this band makes music for every mood. This list consists of my opinion and can change from person to person. Please keep this in mind.
Behind every song I linked a youtube video which is either uploaded by Hollywood Undead themselves or TheExtremeUndead. If a song was a released single I linked their official music video. Anyone having Deezer, I a created a Hollywood Undead playlist containing all songs of HU aswell music of Deuce who was a former member.
Tell me in the comments which are your favorites. 

Swan Songs

American Tragedy

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