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Let’s talk a bit about Disney. Everyone knows Disney and his movies. Almost everyone watch them in childhood. Who not?
Who remembers the little boy live with a big brown bear in „The Jungle Book“. Or the the girl who lives in the forrest with the seven gnomes. Or the girl who who gets bothered by her stepsisters and stepmother until she forgets a cristallic shoe at a ball and become a princess.

You know them, right? I hope so because this post is going to be about them. Or specially about the princess and their Instagram accounts. 
Do you can imagine that Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle or Ariel have an instagram account and sharing their pictures all over the world. Or do you imagine they have accounts on other social networks? How would their social life look like? 

I am kind of interesting how it would be. Do you, too?

Enjoy, (I hope you can see the account pictures, if not than click on the link down here, which is called „Quelle“) 

Quelle: here

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