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 Hey Guys,

you know that when I reasearch help for some problems I get, I mostly find websites which impresses me a lot. Additionally, they are really helpful and give examples and inspiration. 
Everyone needs from time to time a few icons for his site or for a logo. This website I am presenting today is perfectly for it. It’s an archive of thousand single icons and iconssets for every occasion. Really crazy but really cool. And the best is, almost all of them are for free!! So everyone is allowed to use them. 
I used them already, for example for „a Happy Halloween“ Sign and in future they will help me design a „Merry Chrismas Sign“. 

The site’s name : Iconarchive
The site’s URL: http://www.iconarchive.com/

Here is my Halloween Sign, designed with Adobe Illustrator and Icons from Iconsarchive:

Enjoy searching Icons you want and crearting cool stuff! See you 🙂
Your Kathiiy

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