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it’s me. Again. In my pause I really love to visit the Favbulous website and look through the articles of Inspiration. And if one or more are so interesting, funny, cool, exciting, just make me to give  a reaction, then it belongs to my blog, it needs to shared with you.

Now, the article calls „If Brand Slogans were being honest“ and shows brands whose slogans should bring more consumers cause of being honest. I would say: Sometimes this strategy will work, but sometimes it just funny and makes the day happier, it makes me smile.

So, before I talk to much, here are the best (for me) which makes me smile and really they seem pretty true:

Now, I got them all. I always have problem with putting pics in my posts. But those are the 7 best, in my opinion.
Have fun reading the slogans, thinking about the products and do you find there are better slogans for these brands? Truth or untruth. Comment if you like.

Enjoy, Your Kathiiy

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