Halloween Scary Books No.1


As I had nothing to do , I thought it would be great if I exercise my HTML skills with a scary website of all about Halloween and scary legends like Bloody Mary  or The white Woman. By researching the information I need I got thinking about scary books which I read, preferably Thrillers, Crime novels, Fantasy. So here are a few. I will post them as I find them on amazon. 

 1. Böses Blut (Bad Blood) von Riannon Lassiter
For this one I had to look up the authors name very often until I find the right one because it’s time ago I read them. 

AmazonLink: http://www.amazon.de/B%C3%B6ses-Blut-Rhiannon-Lassiter/dp/3596808030/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1382520034&sr=1-2&keywords=b%C3%B6ses+blut  

This book was really scary. After reading I got a very strange feeling that something changed or is going to happen in the near future. This feeling scares me a lot. I am not sure if sth. worse happen to me because as I was reading it, thats a long time ago (about 3-4 years). But what I know is that I give the book to a friend of me, she wants to read it during the „Skiing holiday“, organized from the school for then: 9th grade and today:7th grade, and she did it. What happenend: At some day she falls, gets an mild concussion and later at the dinner she disappears and we found her lying on the bench somewhere in the house and was reading the few next chapters of the book. I was about 14 at this time and really scared and worried about her. Feels like being in a horror movie. Seriously. Still, when I am thinking of this incident I get  goosegimples all over my body. 
So if you really want to scare at Halloween read this book. 

So enjoy reading the blog and books. Others coming soon. Don’t worry and scare. 

Your Kathiiy

   Found on: Click me! Don’t worry it’s no bullshit!

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