Halloween Books No.2


Last time, a hour before this one, I was writing a about a book tipp for Halloween which reminds me of an incident a few years ago cause it was a really scary book. So now I was looking for a few other books which fit perfectly to Halloween, scary, thrilling, exciting, happy, fantasy, real, fiction , non-fiction… sth. like this. Until now I don’t really know which book of me read is a good Halloween book except of „Bad Blood“ so I was also looking for books which I don’t read but want to.

2. Der 13. Gast (Ghost of a Chance) von Rhiannon Lassiter

AmazonLink: http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/3596854938/ref=s9_simh_bw_p14_d0_i2?pf_rd_m=A3JWKAKR8XB7XF&pf_rd_s=center-1&pf_rd_r=1TB9SC5ZGHWYKAXE0TCY&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=369866247&pf_rd_i=590565031

Alone the number „13“ sounds thrilling because I am sure everyone knows about Friday, the 13th, Room NR. 13 (doesn’t exist in no hotel), NR.13 and for people who believe in superstition it is something to scare for. So a single „13“ is a perfect start for making a thrilling book in celebration of Halloween. I want to read this one, sounds like a perfect book for me. 🙂

And now coming to the content: 

Eva chance begins her sixteenth birthday. She lives with her grandfather since her mother has disappeared and died in a strange way . As always, on her birthday comes their entire relationship , but not to speak to Mother Eve or Eva’s birthday , but more because of the upcoming tourist season. They come full of suggestions and plans to squeeze out a tiny income from their decaying heritage. Eva and her grandfather namely, live in a large and very old house , which , however, with time, more and more collapses , as the money is missing.At Eve’s sixteenth birthday but everything is completely different . When Eve comes to the table , she noticed that of all missing their place setting. No one present seems to notice Eve, or at all, only to miss , and so the celebration will take place without them. When Eve then mysteriously will notice that it is actually dead, she does everything to find her killer . But we will succeed Eve, just in time to find the killer and thereby prevent worse ?


The story begins sixteen years ago , on a day that is very nerve-wracking for many people. Namely, it is missing a young woman , so a search party is sent out . The search covers the entire lake. The woman is not found , but an infant in a wicker basket. It remains open to who they are with the people.Then the real story , which was written from my perspective with a lot of love and detail begins . The book is a mixture of fantasy story , mystery and detective story . On the one hand it is about spirits and supernatural beings , on the other hand, a murder must be solved. The characters are well elaborated , voltage constantly raised. Initially Eva seems a strange and even a little haywire , but notice in the course of the story and you learn more and more about this person.Since Eve was born out of wedlock , she is not respected and rejected by her family. Alone only her grandfather always lovingly cares for them, prevented even that she was deported to a home. Instead she lives in a large manor house, which, however, more and more divided over time into it. Her grandfather is no money for renovations. So Eva grew up in a strange environment , so also their personality has a certain peculiarity . At school, her classmates notice this , so Eva had to endure teasing and bullying .Eva is therefore a shy and reserved girl , but explain to her murder , she blossoms and takes things into his hand. She even gets support over time. Get them to catch the murderer ?

So this it was. Enjoy reading, I do so to. A book I  absolutely need and you too? I am happy if you comment down below.
Your Kathiiy

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