Crazy Eye Catching Bags

A very good morning for everybody,

I made posts about crazy shoes and about crazy food dresses, now I have got another post under my new Tag: „Crazy Fashion„!

Here Are the Crazy Eye Catching Bags:

Found: here

Tell me: Do like them? Do you want more posts of this? Which bag would you buy and use? Look also  under Crazy Fashion and tell me which bag fits with which dress and with which shoes?

Enjoy, Kathiiy 

Peacekeeper (Buy here)

Jump from Paper Bag

Key Bag (Buy here)

Bloody Cleaver Handbag (Buy here)

Clip Bag (Watch here)

Chihuahua shaped Louis Vuitton handbag (Watch here)

Loop Handle Heel Bag (Buy here)

Jump from Paper Bag (Buy here)

Hen Bag (Buy here)

Toast Shoulder Bag (Buy here)

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