3D Coffee Creative Art

Hello Guys.

I am back. It’s a time away that my last post was the new one. Well, in the meantime I started writing some posts, poems and stories inclusive but i decided that they don’t reach the „Finish-Line“ already. So the little pressure to post something grows a bit. 
But, finally today I have got something for you which gets to the „Finish-Line„. 

As I was looking over my notice board and news on Facebook, I discovered a photo which was posted from Favbulous (I loved it). On this photo you could see a cup of Cappucino and the milk cream was formed as dog. Naturally, I shared it with others and also I give it a name „Doguciono“. Well, it is the difficults name to get but I find it fits.

So here it is the pic:

This one isn’t the only pic I found when I visited Favbulous Website. There are so many and they looking really great! I love them. I will try myself when I make my next Cappucino :). 

By the way here is the Link to the article on Favbulous:
Creative 3D Coffee Art

 And here the other Cappucino Pics (about 20):

Because of the fact that I couldn’t get the pics in a order I just took 4 like this and the others you can see if you go on the link above. So 🙂

Enjoy and Have a great Day 
Your Kathiiy

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