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Crazy Eye Catching Bags

A very good morning for everybody, I made posts about crazy shoes and about crazy food dresses, now I have got another post under my new Tag: „Crazy Fashion„! Here Are the Crazy Eye Catching Bags: Found: here Tell me: Do like them? Do you want more posts of this? Which bag would you buy […]

Book Sculptures

Hey everybody, it has been a bit since my last post (Outfits made of food). So I decided I should make one, especially because we have a new year. So I hope you came fabulous and well into the new year of 2014.   What did you do at Sylvester? With who did you celerbrate […]

Surreal Shoes

Happy Friday before Christmas to everyone, I hope it wasn’t to hard for that I didn’t blog so much this week, but I was a bit too much stressed. It was the last week before Christmas and the Year 2014, so I had pretty much things to do, help, think and also decide. But I don’t […]

Christmas Tree Ideas

Helllo,if you don’t have a christmas tree until now, then watch this out :Christmas Trees – Favbulous There are such great ideas 🙂 If I should decide which one is the best, I would say „I really can’t decide“ but here are some of them. A little Preview just for you!  All you lovely things […]

Favbulous: Inspiring Design Quotes

Happy sunny Tuesday for everybody,sun is in good mood, I am in a great mood and so here there come some Inspiring Design Quotes for you. I wasn’t at Favbulous for a few days, so now they have really interesting posts and stuff for everyone. I am be glad if you comment. Want more? Then say it. „Life is your […]

Incredible Paper Sculptures

Good Morning, Found something interesttiing on Favbulous, again and again. 🙂This time I make it short: Here are coming „Incredible Paper Sculptures“ !! Let’s watch and enjoy! 🙂 How he did this incredible Sculptures  Artist: Carlos Meira Venedig Style Nature Style Brasilian Carnival Kiddo Style World Style Carlos Meira, how he present himself Live healthy […]

Honest Brand Slogans

Huhu, it’s me. Again. In my pause I really love to visit the Favbulous website and look through the articles of Inspiration. And if one or more are so interesting, funny, cool, exciting, just make me to give  a reaction, then it belongs to my blog, it needs to shared with you. Now, the article […]

3D Coffee Creative Art

Hello Guys.I am back. It’s a time away that my last post was the new one. Well, in the meantime I started writing some posts, poems and stories inclusive but i decided that they don’t reach the „Finish-Line“ already. So the little pressure to post something grows a bit. But, finally today I have got something […]