Photo Manipulation

Since there are photo editing softwares, designers & creative people have the chance create something new with  ot out of the photos. Every single (new) versions of the programms brings new feature, new stuff what makes it more interessting and let free new possibilities to create for examples scenes for animations or cutting a part of a photo out and paste it into another. What a fun! 🙂 But there are really good skills, if you can get it look like it is one! photo. It’s all about transitions. You can make them smooth or look like someone eat fat chicken wings, didn’t washed their hands and go over it. Yeah, you also can do that. Fat Finger Swipe .  Let’s stop talking about the ‚Fat Finger Swipe‘. 

Let’s talk about manipulating photos. Make from different photos one amazing, surreal & breathtaking photo! 

Let’s show some inspiration and try your own. 😉

Fabio Araujo

Fabio Araujo

Fatkur Rokhim

Fabio Araujo

Zach Bush

Fabio Araujo

Martín De Pasquale


Evgenij Soloviev

Fuze Image Maker

Fabio Araujo

Fabio Araujo

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