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Weekend Filler #4

Heute mal ein wenig anders … Gesehen: Pretty Little Liars, Eurovision Song Contest 2014 (ESC)    Gehört:  Deezer, einfach mal Querbeet (besser kann man es nicht beschreiben)   Getan: gearbeitet an einer Webseite, die nicht so funktionieren möchte wie ich will  Gegessen: Selbsgekochtes Chilli con Carne mit Blognese-Gewürz    Getrunken: Kaffee, Milch mit Honig, Wasser, etwas Limo & Tee […]

{ Being Creative } Christmas Design for my Logo

Good Morning,  there are just a few weeks left until we can say „Merry Christmas“ to all  our friends and families. And everyone knows that Christmas is the most popular season for decorate the whole house, outside and inside, already in the mid of November, I have also a bit redesign on my blog (it’s […]

Icons For Every Matter

 Hey Guys, you know that when I reasearch help for some problems I get, I mostly find websites which impresses me a lot. Additionally, they are really helpful and give examples and inspiration. Everyone needs from time to time a few icons for his site or for a logo. This website I am presenting today is […]

{ Being Creative } 3. Lückenfülltext: Halloween 2013

!!Heeey Leute!! Great news! Perfectly for Halloween I have got an new Story of „Lucki Lückenfüller“!!! 🙂 Enjoy reading (685 Words) Your Kathiiy Booo! Na, und wer bin ich? Habt ihr mich erkannt? Das hoffe ich doch! Mein Name ist Lucki Lückenfüller, euer kleines, aber großes Helferlein in Sachen Webdesigngestaltung und Texte „Copy & Pasten“. […]

Poem: Walking Crowd

Huhu,I have got a new poem for you. It isn’t finished at all but I want share that what I have with you. I hope you like it.Enjoy reading and please give me a feedback.Walking Crowd Taking back your breath Leaving out the restStand by to say„We leaving ‚hey’“Letters downGo crowd go.Don’t see backIt’s better […]